NetBet announces partnership with SmartSoft Gaming

Updated:2024-03-30 08:36    Views:171

NetBet, an online casino and sportsbook, has announced that SmartSoft Gaming will be the latest addition to its portfolio.

SmartSoft Gaming is an iGaming software development studio, based in Tbilisi, Georgia.

The company was founded in 2015 and focuses on developing non-traditional, arcade-style casino games.

SmartSoft Gaming has named this category of in-house titles ‘Xgames.’

Its flagship game, JetX, was created in 2018 and will be one of the games available through NetBet.

JetX is a crash-style game, where a virtual jet takes off. The longer it flies, the higher the multiplier of the bet increases.

The player must collect their winnings before the jet explodes, otherwise,Casino games they lose their bet.

Another non-traditional casino Xgame coming to NetBet is Balloon, where the player must inflate a balloon and increase the multiplier for their bet.

However, the balloon is set to pop at a random point and, if the player pops the balloon, they lose their bet.

NetBet’s PR manager, Claudia Georgevici, said: “We are delighted to welcome SmartSoft Gaming to NetBet Casino and its unique titles on offer will no doubt be extremely popular in our library.

“SmartSoft are able to deliver an exceptional online gaming service and this collaboration will boost the portfolio of the Xgames we are able to offer at our ever-expanding online casino.”

SmartSoft Gaming also offers traditional casino games, such as slots, as well as live and virtual casino games.

In recent weeks, NetBet joined other major iGaming operators to launch the Brazilian Institute for Responsible Gaming. You can read more about this development here.